Welcome to the Castac Valley Home Brew Club (CVHBC)

Welcome to the newest sensation in California Home Brew Clubs: Castac Valley Brewing. Realizing a need for a Home Brew Club in the Mountain Communities of LA, Ventura, and Kern Counties, a couple of avid home brewers got together and formed a club. Although it is still in its infant stages, the founders are enthusiastic and dedicated. By day they are young professionals ranging from Marketing to Agriculture to IT and GIS. Combining their knowledge and skills with those of other local residents this sets the stage for a club that produces tasty beverages and fun times all while focusing on the beverage that saved the world: BEER.  Started in December of 2011, the focus is on friendship, brewing and learning.

We can be found on Twitter and Facebook and any comments or suggestions are welcome.  If you are interested in joining up or hanging out, check the calendar for the first meeting or shoot us an email.

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